Tigo’s Unlimited Mobile Broadband: An Alternative to Vodafone’s Data Capping?

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In light of the recent announcement by Vodafone to cap fixed-line broadband, the reaction to has been really not positive as many subscribers feel they are being short-changed, having signed on for unlimited net access only to be told there’s a cap. What some customers cannot really understand even more is that, the initial uncapped data was for GHC 45 whereas the new price has been increased to GHC 65 and the data capped to 15GB per month. Seems here that price is very much a variable in the equation here and people are not ready, willing or have the ability to fork over more for less.

I have been searching around to find if there could be a solution to this “problem” Vodafone is intent on creating. This is proving difficult as the only fixed line operator in Ghana is Vodafone. They are capable of giving the subscriber the better speeds through wired connection to your home or work place. I however, tumbled upon a too-good-to-be-true offer by Tigo from Millicom Ghana Ltd. They are offering “unlimited” data packages for daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions for both mobile phones and internet usb modems.

Modem (Unlimited) Charge(GHC) Validity (days) Active Download (GB)
Day Browsing 2.49 1 0.5
Week Browsing 10.99 7 3
Month Browsing 39.99 30 8.5
Handset (Unlimited) Charge(GHC) Validity(days) Active Download (GB)
Day Browsing 1.99 1 0.2
Week Browsing 6.99 7 1.5
Month Browsing 22.99 30 3

The packages are somewhat limited in that they normally come with limited active download capacity. When I called their call centre to enquire about those packages (of course I don’t believe in the unlimited tag), I was told that the weekly subscription for example, has an active download limit of 3GB of data for a subscription of GHC 10.99. The call centre lady told me that in the case the 3GB of data is  exhausted, the subscriber will still have access to the internet for basic web surfing, social media and email just that download would be extremely slow, real slow.

This package for Tigo can be looked at in several ways. For a heavy net user as in a person who is a streamer and downloader, this is a good bargain. But for someone who uses the internet for basic tasks as email and social media, this may be somewhat n unnecessary dent in the pocket.

All the same, it offers a very competitive alternative to what Vodafone is currently offering for fixed broadband. Just do the mathematics; if you are to pay GHC 65 for 15GB data on a fixed broadband and you are offered 8.5GB active downloads of data for GHC 40 a month on mobile broadband, what do think?

I however, have a problem with their rates for handsets. They are giving way too much data for a week than a user can possibly use at an expensive rate. GHC 7 cedi for a phone internet plan for a week is expensive and unnecessary.

Regarding speed, from a personal experience, I have experienced an average of 70KB/s on mobile subscription. The call centre lady could not give me any specific answer when i asked for speeds for the various packages. What good will an unlimited data plan be if the speed is bad.

I will update this article when I get more info on speed and other packages from the other telcos. Please share with me your thoughts and suggestion through comments.

    • Nelson
    • December 10th, 2012

    Its true bro. You are right, Ghana internet rates and speed is not good at all!!

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